Local Experience: (2 Days)

Lawa hill tribe homestay in Thailand



  • Learn the Lawa hill tribe way of life
  • Learn to weave cotton
  • Help your host family with daily chores
  • Experience the warmth and hospitality of your host family
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Minimum number of people is 2 and maximum is 5



Our Lawa hill tribe homestay is located in a village nestled in the mountains of northwest Thailand (1,200m). The remote and scenic location is surrounded by green mountain landscapes and is an area few foreigners visit. The journey starts from Mae Sariang town.

At our homestay you will experience daily hill tribe life and learn about the Lawa people. We encourage cross-cultural exchange, so our host family is eager to learn from you too. It will give you a taste of hill tribe life, but to get the most out of the experience we invite you to stay for a few days more. This will give you time to dive deeper into their local way of life and create a stronger connection with the family. Be prepared to come as a guest and leave as a friend.

At the homestay you may find yourself;

  • Walking through farmland, picking ferns and herbs
  • Playing witch children at the village school
  • Helping your host family with daily chores
  • Helping to prepare food
  • Learning to weave cotton

There are some seasonal activities such as rice planting and harvesting, and if you’re lucky, you may catch a village celebration such as a wedding or a spirit festival.

Accommodation is basic, but your homestay family will do their best to make you feel at home. There is electricity, no running hot water and simple bedding. Bathrooms are underneath the stilt house. Meals will be homemade food shared with the family. Typical hill tribe food consists of lots of homegrown rice, green leafy vegetables flavored with wild herbs and chilies.

Price includes:

  • Homestay
  • Meals
  • Activities

Price excludes:

  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Transport to and from Mae Sariang town

How to get there

You can get to Mae Sariang by public minivan from Chiang Mai Arcade bus station leaving at 9am, 10am, noon, 2pm, and 5pm. Journey time is approximately 3.5-4 hrs, and it costs 215 baht per person. We can help arrange transportation as well, just let us know!

Local Host


Enjoy your trip with Pat

Sawasdee khrap! (Hello!) My name is Pat. I am Shan (Tai yai), an ethnic minority from northern Thailand. It has been my lifelong mission to work towards a better quality of life for hill tribes and locals so that they enjoy the same social & economic rights as people in the lowlands whilst maintaining their unique cultural identity and values.

I have been a tour guide for over a decade and I saw how tourism, if conducted responsibly, could generate supplemental income and help local communities. So the idea of a homestay and hill tribe village tours led by local guides came about. Tourism also gives locals a chance to proudly showcase their wonderful culture and way of life and preserve age-old traditions and customs.

I believe that cultural exchange can be a memorable life-long learning experience for locals and travellers, and therefore, I invite you to join us and experience the cultural and natural beauty of my homeland. I am working with a group of local guides from the different communities. Either myself or one of them will guide you.


La Oob village

Address: La Oob, Mae la noi, Thailand


1. How do I know if a local can be trusted?

We have incorporated several measures to ensure safe and trustworthy experiences:

a. References

We ask every local for references, like experiences from volunteers and/or travelers, NGO's and government bodies.

b. Quality check

We have verified information such as name, address, social profiles, phone number, payment details and description of experience.

c. Frequent contact

We had contact with the locals frequently by phone and/or email

d. Review system

The local can be reviewed after an experience, giving you greater confidence in the experience.

2. Do the locals speak English?

In general they speak English, but in some cases people didn’t receive proper English education. In those cases there will be an English-speaking guide available.

3. How much time does a local have to respond to my booking request?

Locals have 48 hours to officially confirm or reject booking requests. You will be updated via email about the status of your request.

4. How do I know a reservation is confirmed?

Once your request has been officially confirmed, you will receive an email notification from the local with all the necessary information

5. What happens if my reservation request is rejected or expires?

If your reservation request is rejected by the local or expires, no charge is made for the reservation and you are free to book with another local.

6. When do I need to make the payment?

As soon as your booking is confirmed the money will be captured from your account. The money will be paid to the local hosts once the experience has taken place.

7. How does the Tripcultr payment system work?

When submitting a booking request to a local, you provide your payment details and the payment method may be authorized for a charge. If the booking request is rejected or expires we do not complete the charge and any authorization is released.

8. What payment methods do you offer?

For the payment I Like Local supports several payment methods. Options may include:

Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards: Visa, MasterCard.

9. Where do I find my receipt or itinerary for my booked activity?

Once you have a confirmed booking, your billing receipt and itinerary will be automatically emailed to you.

Your itinerary contains a lot of useful information about your reservation, such as the date and time of the activity, the number of people, the address, telephone number and email address of the local, and I like Local’s contact information.

10. How can I get in contact with a local?

As soon as your booking is confirmed by the local, which will be within 48 hours after your booking request has been sent, you will receive your itinerary by email. On this itinerary the telephone number and email address of the local are mentioned and you can arrange meeting point or pick-up location.


Alterations & cancellations

Can I cancel my booking and do I receive a refund?

You can cancel a confirmed booking at any time up to the moment of the activity. When cancelled more than 7 days prior to 12:00 am local time of the local experience date you will be refunded, except for the service fee.

When cancelled less than 7 days prior to 12:00 am local time of the activity no refund of the paid amount will take place

How do I alter a reservation?

If you want to change a reservation you can send the local an email with your request. In case you encounter any problems you can contact us via sales@tripcultr.com

How do I cancel a reservation?

To cancel your reservation send an email to sales@tripcultr.com. By cancelling the reservation, please note that you are initiating the cancellation and will be noted as the party responsible for the cancellation.

For what circumstances is a guest eligible for a refund?

We understand circumstances come up that affect travel plans. Depending on the case, a refund may be authorized outside of the cancellation policy and you may be given a full refund, meaning the local will receive no payout.

If you are cancelling due to extenuating circumstances, we will reach out to the local right away to explain the situation.

Extenuating circumstances cases will be contingent upon the reservation being cancelled prior to the check in date and upon you contacting Tripcultr to provide proper documentation where valid. Only the cases found in the Tripcultr policy will be considered.


Please know that if you cannot provide the proper documentation, we will not be able to give you a refund for your reservation.

Types of documentation can include: notes from a medical professional on hospital letterhead explaining why you should not travel, a jury duty summons, a valid obituary or death certificate, etc.

Will I get my money back if a local cancels or doesn’t show up?

In case the local cancels the booking you will receive the total amount paid.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are issued for many reasons. For each situation, certain conditions may apply (see below). Just send us an email with the reason you would like to get a refund together with proof if required. We will then process your request and email you the outcome.

Once you receive notification that you'll be receiving a refund, it takes 5-7 business days to be reflected on your statement after which we process them. Some refunds issued to international credit cards occasionally take up to 30 days to be reflected. Refunds issued to PayPal accounts occur within 24 hours.


Traveller Name: Johannes Oppewal

Rating: 5

Date: 19-Nov-2014

Thailand is already a popular tourist destination so to find those local places isn’t easy, but in this place you can still experience the local Thai life. I stayed 2 days with the Lawa Hill Tribe in the hills of Northern Thailand. I filmed during the harvest season and the whole village was helping with the harvest. Such a beautiful thing to see. With the heath and steep hills it is a very hard job. Winai, the local guide from the village, drove me around in the area. I could see he was proud on his culture and loved to share it with others. Although he was a bit insecure about his English, it was good enough to talk and exchange our cultures. I found out he also loves photography. Therefore he understood at what places to stop to make a picture. The host family was in one word amazing. Jom the host mom was a fun woman joking all the time. The kids where very friendly and Dom the son was a joyful boy. Later on they told me that he went on his own to the temple to meditate as a young boy. When I asked him what he wanted to become he said ‘Doctor’ I asked him why, ‘Because I want to help people’. I was very impressed about this answer and realised that although they are not rich in terms of money they definitely are rich in a spiritual way. Don’t expect a 5 star accommodation, but a basic home full of hospitality. Enjoy a stay with this incredible family!

₹ inf*
₹ inf

*Price per Person (pp)
Min. Duration: 2 Days

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